​​About me

"I wish that mindTV would have existed ​in my childhood and that my parents would have sent me there. A lot of things would have been easier! But maybe because this was not the case, I became such a passionate ​KIDS COACH who can easily relate to and establish a connection to the children​?!"


Angela Hess kids coach mindTV

H​i, let me introduce myself!

I am a mother of 2 and married to Alex. We have 3 more members in our family, our cat Paul and two mice... Does not fit is no option...​

My journey to become a KIDS COACH was not a straight one. I never wanted to become a teacher, educator or alike. On the contrary, I am an engineer for packaging technologies and worked 20 years for a company who produces mass good for children​.

But I was always aware that my personal life and my life energy and spirit would have been much different if I would not have gotton help myself when I was a teen.​

​My story

During my years in school I often felt ​like the 5th wheel. I had no close friends and surely no business with the supposedly cool students. At home I followed the approach of not causing any troubles. Not because my parents intented to be mean, not at all. Still, it was not an environment in which I could prosper. As a result, I did not feel loveable or important. at the age of 12 my upper body was covered with​ neurodermatitis.

​I did not get out of this by myself. I had help from a couple my parents were friends with. They lived in the States and invited me to visit them for a year. With lots of patience and empathy they managed to get me on the right path. It was a long way to the selfconfident woman I am today.​

With what I know today I cannot accept that children have to endure any kind of unwanted feeling or behavior. Why wait until a ​topic ​is fully established and grown big over the years? To then, as an adult, feel completely uncomfortable in certain areas and spend 2 years in therapy? I want that children can get rid of their pain right away in order to have a great remaining childhood and teenager time. They should be able to know and feel how wonderful, unique and strong they are.

​That is why I became a hypnotherapist and eventually specialized in mindTV, this magical visualization technique, to work mainly with children.

Angela Hess mindTV Proven Professional

​You want to strengthen your child?

​Then download this little brochure with my 6 most liked tricks. Currently available in German only.
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Angela Hess Sonya Mosimann Chris Lüscher MindTV

​​The founder mindTV,

​​a truely special team!

​Sonya Mosimann ​is the creator and responsible for the content of mindTV and its continuously growing content. ​

Chris Lüscher ​makes the content available to us practitioners in the easiest way and is our point of contact in all matters. ​

​Both of them are just adorable!​

​Conta​ct me

You can reach me via telephone or e-mail. ​In most cases, ​we can do the sessions on-line via Zoom. Otherwise I am​ happy to meet you in my practice in Bad Soden/Germany.

​I am looking forward to meet you!

Just give me a call!

​+49 (0)152 3355 1263

​kontakt @ angela-hess.de