I work with the imagination of your child to turn distress into an object and then remove it permanently. The subconsciousness learns new strategies, opening up a whole new world to your child!

Do we want to check what is possible if the subconsciousness ​gets a chance?

​The visualization technique mindTV is living imagination which influences body and mind. Kids and teens love watching television in their heads as they can thrive on their fantasies. They use their imagination playfully to turn feelings like fear, grief, anger, or boredom into an object to then remove it permanently.

​If there is an automation in your child or teenager, which does not support its wishes and goals, we should meet.

Unterschrift Angela Hess MindTV kids coach
​Angela Hess


Does that sound familiar?

There are lots of reasons why parents approach me. Here are a few examples:

  • ​Fear
  • ​School
  • Health
  • ​Personality

​The mother of Robin, a shy 15 year old, is lost. Robin has no motivation for anything anymore and only sits in his room. I introduce him to his Inner Friend and he learns, what teamwork is all about and strong that makes. In addition, we put a new order to his priority drawers. Robin wakes up, starts again to play table tennis and re-activated his ambitions in school. 

MindTV helps children to get fit for the world and equips ​them with the needed dose of self confidence, mental strength, resilience and social abilities. ​

Let Ella explain mindTV...

​​What are your thoughts?

​I don't think that this will work with my child. It is so unconcentrated!​

O-o, a stranger gets control over my child? Who knows what will happen?​

Is it worth the effort? What if there is no change?​

It sounds like this is only for kids who go to elementary school. ​​​


​Online sessions get payed via bank tranfer or Paypal, off-line sessions are payed in cash or with debit card.

​Sessions on week-ends or after 6 pm CET ​are plus 20%.

Sometimes, the odds play against us. Sessions can be cancelled 24 hours in advance at no cost. After that, a €150 ​cancellation fee applies.

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​Starting with 20 years you qualify for mindTV adults. Session length varies strongly and can easily ​take 2-3 hours. The number of sessions depends on the individual situation. In general adults also need 2-3 sessions to solve an issue. ​One ​session costs €39​7​.

​Online ​sessions via Zoom

If the following conditions are met, we can do sessions via the internet.

​Internet connection: There has to be a stable, reliable connection. An interrupted session is quite unlucky, especially if a child is ​involved.​
Location: you need to ​have a quiet, ​closed, undisturbed room.
Sessions with children:​ There is no general minimum age for online sessions.​ It is important that the child can sit in front in front of the screen throughout the session, and that it is not tempted to play with the appliances. Some children can do that with 6, others have difficulties even if they are e.g. 11 years old. ​

​Let's talk in case of doubt!

​​Many thanks for ​your wonderful feedback!

The first time I went to Angela, I did not really know what to expect. I was quite curious and just went along even if I was not sure if this will work. Luckily, I felt completely comfortable right away which made everything a lot easier. ​

I was totally suprised at the end of the session! It was a lot more work than I thought, but it was really worth it! I noticed the success quite quickly. Only 3 weeks later I felt much better. Moreover I had the feeling to be in control again, which was such a relief. ​

During the second session, everything was much more familiar and we cemented everything. ​

Bottom line, I can say that it really helped and I can recommend everyone to do this!​

​​mindTV teen, 15

MindTV teen girl Angela Hess kids coach

Since our mindTV session, my son (9) sleeps by himself the whole night long. Darkness is not an issue anymore. ​

​Mother from Kronberg

MindTV Mutter Angela Hess kids coach

Since over 30 years I was afraid of snakes. It was not even possible to look a picture book of my kids if a drawing of a snake was in there. I reacted with intensive swearting, frequend night mares, uncomfortness. It felt so bad. During our last trip to the US, there was an incident with a snake and my fear transferred to my children. Enough was enough! I wanted to get rid of this, now! ​

Luckily I got to know Angela. In just one session I was able to get rid of this fear. The last picture during the session was of me with a boa in my arms. Unthinkable! Two weeks later during our vacation, this picture became true! I had a boa on my arm! Now snakes make me smile and I can joke with my kids regarding the old times. I am so unbelievably thankful to Angela for her work!​

​Melanie Eichmann

MindTV Mutter Angela Hess kids coach

​Conta​ct me

You can reach me via telephone or e-mail. ​In most cases, ​we can do the sessions on-line via Zoom. Otherwise I am​ happy to meet you in my practice in Bad Soden/Germany.

​I am looking forward to meet you!

Just give me a call!

+49 (0)​6195-987 183

​or via mobile:

+49 (0)152​-3355 1263

​kontakt @ angela-hess.de